Look, I get it. There are hundreds of cards available, and everything on the internet feels more like an ad than actual advice. Some cards have enticing offers, but are the redemptions even worth a penny?

You’re smart with your finances. So why are points and miles overlooked? Increasing your credit card rewards is essentially the same as increasing your spending power and income.

This is where I come in!

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Points can be looked at as a currency. They buy dream destinations for a fraction of the cost. I build custom plans to optimize your portfolio using your personal spending, taking into account your dream travel destinations.

This is where I come in!

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Analyze your spending

Create a strategic plan
how to buildyour

Associate the right cards
to the right spending

Build a clear path to
your dream flight

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Who am I?

I’ve spent more than 14 years in the travel industry, visiting dream destinations in over 34 countries and soaking in the culture and the food. Once I flew business class, I knew that I could never go back to cramped seats; therefore, I learned to travel hack.
I’ve been flying First Class and Business Class ever since, never paying full price.

Mo “Points” Sayid

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In April 2023

We celebrated an eCommerce owner’s credit card portfolio. He accumulated 3.5M points over the course of one year, points he otherwise would’ve missed out on. It all started with a one hour consultation.
30X ROI.

In November 2023

We showed a videographer how his earned points could fly him first class to his dream destination, Tokyo. In January 2020 he took his wife on a surprise trip: first class to Japan.
20X ROI.

In June 2023

We helped finish off the bucket list of four friends. They flew in a luxurious flat bed across the ocean to golf on one of the finest courses in the world.

What some of my clients say:

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1 Hr Consult – Mo Points

The right credit card for the right expenses can earn you a lot more points. I will teach you how to speed up your point accumulation and then teach you how to wisely invest it in the right first class flights

1 hr
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Advanced Flight Bookings

You have a ton of points… now what?
In this course I will show you how to find and book amazing mileage flight redemptions. This will be tailored to fit your knowledge level.

3 hrs
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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect result?

That depends on what cards you qualify for and what expenses you have. But most people have enough points for their first trip in 2 to 8 months. However the sooner you start the better. It’s very common for people to say: “I wish I knew this last year”

Aren’t cash back cards better?

It all depends on your outcome. If you can’t or don’t want to travel, then yes. However if you are a traveler and especially if you want to fly in luxury, then no. The ROI for flights are much greater. I will show you what amazing flight opportunities are there for you.

Do I need a good credit score?

You need a decent to good credit score. However it’s something we can work on as well if you don’t have the best score. There are a few ways to increase your score.

Do I need to own a business for extra expenditure?

Owning a business would mean you have more expenditure you can put on credit cards. This is where most people start earning a crazy amount of points. If you don’t own a business, but still have a decent amount of personal expenditure, it is still worth it.

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